UnabOnAir 59

Unab Radio · UnabOnAir 59 A program full of news. On Bucaramanga we have new rules for lockdown: you can’t be outside your house from 8pm until 5am. Also, the Pico y Cédula by evens and odds to go to supermarkets and banks. And in other news, we also talk […]

Unab On Air 58

Unab Radio · UnabOnAir 58 After 2 weeks of absence, we’re back on a new show.Today we talk about the importance of finishing a professional career, and the believing that there’s an ‘easy’ way to get money

UnabOnAir 57

Unab Radio · UnabOnAir 57 Cinemas are reopening soon in Colombia so, in this new show, we talk about the movies that will be on screen during 2021. ‘Fast and furious 9’, ‘Fantastic beast and where to find them 3’, ‘How to train your dragon’ and ‘Black widow’ are on […]

UnabOnAir 56

Unab Radio · UnabOnAir 56 We have excellent news: on monday april the 5th, students who have classes face to face, can go back on campus. As UNAB is working until know, it a desicion of the student to recieve or not classes on campus. We invite all students to […]

UnabOnAir 55

Unab Radio · UnabOnAir 55 This show we talk about covid-19, how the UNAB is taking care of the students, teachers, administratives and all co-workers on campus. The virus is still around us and we have to be concious about it. Are you still using the mask?